Introduction to
National Tenant Voice

Dear Candidates,

Thank you for your interest in these important posts within the National Tenant Voice.

The National Tenant Voice (NTV) is a new organisation whose main purpose is to give social housing tenants in England a voice so that they might better influence national policies and practices that affect their lives. 

The new organisation has been developed following the recommendation within Martin Cave’s review of social housing regulation `Every Tenant Matters ‘that the government set up a national tenant voice to sit alongside the regulator of social housing (The Tenant Services Authority).

The development of the NTV comes at a time of considerable change within the social housing sector – most notably following the development of the Tenant Services Authority and its central tenant empowerment standard.  The NTV will play a major role in ensuring that the TSA is held to account by tenants for the development and implementation of their standards.

The NTV aims to give tenants influence by:

  • collective advocacy -enabling and supporting tenants to input into national policy and practice
  • researching tenants views and experiences
  • supporting a representative tenants structure at national and regional/sub regional level (this may include financial support)
  • communicating effectively with a wide range of tenants and tenants organisations  

We are currently recruiting for both a Chief Executive and Board Member posts. These roles, along with other colleagues in the organisation, will play a crucial role in ensuring the success of this new organisation. 

This website will help you decide whether these posts are right for you. We include comprehensive information on the NTV and the part played by these posts in its operations, as well as the types of individuals we are looking for.

Thank you for considering the NTV, and we wish you the best of luck should you choose to apply.

The Commissioner for Public Appointments Communities and local Government